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Choosing the Best Courier Service in Sylhet

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November Discount!

TMS Express Nov Offer Now you can ship your valuable documents with a great discount with TMS Express. You can save up to 15% while shipping documents under 250grams in Europe & American countries. This offer is limited and that is why you must book your offer before it gets expired. So, what you need to do to avail... Read More..

Common Facts to Remember

In the industry of logistic service there are a huge limitation and some common facts which varies from carrier to carrier. You may find some company is carrying a item but another one is strongly prohibiting you. I can show you a couple of example in this issue. So a shipper must be concerned about... Read More..

Fuel Charge Increases

Fuel charge in air shipping has increased in this month, November 2018. According to DHL they have increased their fuel charge to 19.25% for this running month. And it is far higher than previous months. For this reason international shipping costs obviously will get higher. There might be some issue in international fuel market but... Read More..