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TMS Express Nov Offer

November Discount!

Now you can ship your valuable documents with a great discount with TMS Express. You can save up to 15% while shipping documents under 250grams in Europe & American countries. This offer is limited and that is why you must book your offer before it gets expired. So, what you need to do to avail this offer?

Step 1. Call the campaign number and book your offer.

Step 2. Visit TMS Express office on your scheduled date.

Call : +88 01972 620 595

That’s all you have to do to avail this discount. Remember, this offer is limited and you must reserve your discount before it is over.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is only valid for European & American countries.
  2. One shipment can contain a maximum of 250grams with packaging.
  3. The shipment service will vary and no delivery time will be guaranteed. For urgent documents, we suggest using our Premium Mailing service.
  4. No demurrage will be provided for this offer.