Track Shipment

Common Facts to Remember

In the industry of logistic service there are a huge limitation and some common facts which varies from carrier to carrier. You may find some company is carrying a item but another one is strongly prohibiting you. I can show you a couple of example in this issue. So a shipper must be concerned about this fact before sending any parcel of shipment. Because selecting a wrong carrier s/she might face some critical troubles. So here is some facts that need to be clear before sending any kind of items.

4 Common Facts to Remember 

  1. Correct Address
    Check and re-check your destination address. You can validate a correct address by googling it. Make sure that your address has at least street name and number, ZIP. For contact purpose you must provide a real person name and phone number. A shipment might be delayed for incorrect or incomplete address.
  2.  Legality   of the Items
    Be sure that your package contains all legal items. A item might be legal in origin but that does not ensure the legality of that item in the destination country. The shipping item must be legal  in both countries. On the other hand legality does not mean only to be legal by local law but in includes international shipping and air law at the same time. I will recommend the shippers to ask the carrier about this common fact.
  3.  Fragile Items
    Almost all of the courier service do not take any liability of fragile items. But you might be in need to send such item. My recommendation will be to package it very well. You can use cocksheet to make it fit. The best option will be to take help from a professional for this job.
  4. Know Shipping Terms
    Always be aware about the shipping policy of the carrier company. Ask your company about their shipping terms and policy. Be ensure about their insurance and compensation policy. Don’t forget to know their return policy too.

These four thing will help you to maintain a mutual relationship between you and your carrier company.