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TMS Express Working
TMS Working Process

Our Working Process

TMS Express always sincere in their responsibility.  To ensure a better service we always maintain our working discipline and each of the steps are handled very carefully. Our working process starts just after the booking of a shipment. We are going to tell you all of these amazing process behind the successful delivery of a shipment.

Booking a package

The very first step to book a shipment by taking necessary information from the shipper. This step seems to be very easy and but not so unimportant, rather it is one of the most important tasks. We need to verify consignee address and other information as  a proper address can make a successful story. We also need to check the legality of shipper’s goods to ensure government rules and regulation. The shipper gets notified immediately by SMS about the booking process and can track it on the web.

A good packaging ensures a shipment’s well shipping

Packaging Shipment

The next important task is packaging. A good packaging ensures a shipment’s well shipping. Only a good packaging can reduce the shipping damage of a shipment.  A shipment must be packaged with some good and expert packaging stuff who are really experienced on this. Otherwise, you may face some serious damage of your valuable item while shipping. You are advised not to do package by yourself. Let the task to someone who are expert on this.

Shipping Package

It is the last physical step from our end. After building a well packaging, we send to our Dhaka HUB with necessary papers and invoices. But before moving it in the transport we check and re-check all the packages and their information. After being confirmed, all is okay, we send the packages toward the next HUB.


After shipping the package our IT team always monitor its progress over the web and take necessary step or notifies the proper authority. It needless to mention that all the update is Live and done by human being. And after getting connected with the forwarder company like, DHLFedExUPSAramexSkynet etc. the updates come directly from these respective authority via their API or alternative system.


We have a strong support team who are dedicated to assist. Anyone can send us mail from our web very easily and one of our support team get it touch with him as soon as possible. One also can call us during the office time and we are ready to pick the mobile.

Confirms Delivery

The last but not the least step is to confirm package delivery. We always confirm each and every shipment’s proper delivery manually. After being confirmed about the delivery we throw a confirmation SMS to the shipper and file another happy story.