Track Shipment

Our Shipping Terms

  1. Shipment’s estimate delivery might be delayed for some special reason like natural disaster, technical problem, customs clearance, or any other unwanted problems.
  2. The customs authority reserve the right to seize any package or they might impose TAX on it. We never take any liability about this issue. And any kind of TAX must be paid by the consignee.
  3. In case of any problem, shipper must complain the issue in written within 3 days of the delivery date. Company will bear the compensation on the authenticity of the complaint. The compensation will be maximum 50% (fifty percent) of the booking money or $100 (US Dollars) which is less, in cash or as company’s money voucher.
  4. If the goods have any insurance  from a legal insurance company, carrier company will bear the compensation according to that carrier’s policy. In this case the shipper must submit necessary papers of the insurance while booking the shipment.
  5.  We never take any kind of liability for items like liquids, medicine,  passport, agar oil/agar wood, any international branding product etc. The shipper will take necessary permission from the respective authorities.
  6. All kinds of tobacco, weapons are totally FORBIDDEN. The shipment/package will be seized/destroyed/handed over to police and legal action might be taken against the shipper if such item found in any package. We will not be responsible in any way for such activities.
  7. Sending Gold, Silver, Money (any type of currency), signed bank cheque or any type of money voucher  is totally FORBIDDEN.
  8. Company will not take any liability/pay compensation for any kind of fragile item like ceramics, glass items etc.
  9. International courier law applies for any issues.

These terms might be changed/extended/canceled by the company any time without any notice. Therefore the shipper is advised to read these terms before sending any shipment.