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Fuel Charge Increases

Fuel charge in air shipping has increased in this month, November 2018. According to DHL they have increased their fuel charge to 19.25% for this running month. And it is far higher than previous months. For this reason international shipping costs obviously will get higher. There might be some issue in international fuel market but we do not see any sign to get it lower soon.  On last two months DHL fuel charge was 17.75% and 17.50% . Here some rising trend is noticeable and it may go further for a few months.

Fluctuating price in fuel market has a vital role in the industry of transport. It always inspire costs to get higher in the case of increase and costs get fall when it decreases. For this very reason the shipping industry always need to be updated about this issue and need to handle in carefully. Otherwise any kind of industry based on transport have to face critical issue or loses.