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It is a common Myth in the mass that goods used to be missing in express services. This belief used to be very strong for the case of international shipping/mailing. However, at the beginning of this article we want to ensure  you that this is nothing but a mere MYTH. On the contrary we are not denying the fact at all. Before digging further on this fact we must remember some notation.

  1. Mis-invoicing
    Sometime we get complain about missing items from shipments, it is true. After getting any kind of complain we immediately make an inquiry  about the package and ensure the shipper that s/he will get the compensation according to the authenticity  of the complain and agreement. Most of the time we get the issue of mis-invoicing or items is not stated clearly. For this reason our further HUB workers get confused too and call us about the fact. And the problem arises when we failed to detect this fact. Suppose, a shipper invoiced a shipment telling there are about 16 garments. But there is actually 14 items in proper count. So the issue comes in light. Or, s/he has put some item inside the shipment without stating it in invoice which is not easily reachable. When our co-workers will find it out and they can not see any match with the invoice they will put it in the trash to avoid customs trouble.
  2. Customs Fact
    Often we get complain saying that packaging has been changed or loose packaging. There are some facts behind this issue. Firstly we have no control over the customs authority. They are always free at their duty and they preserve the right to check any package. For this reason they might un-pack the shipment to check it easily, and they do it regularly you know. So the package might get loosed. Or some item might be seized by them according to the local Law.
  3. Fragile Items
    We always recommend shippers not to send any fragile items. And if s/he need to sent it,  the shipper must take all liability.  Because in air-cargo service we do not provide any insurance for this types of item.

At the end of the day we are not denying to fact of losing items but this case is extremely rare and totally accidental. But for this case a shipper always get compensation according to the booking agreement.